Saturday, July 12, 2008

the origin of 'mee siam mai hum'

the mudslinging war btw ruling party and the opposition makes me think of singapore case of the war btw the ruling party and its netizens.

remember the gomez case. the hoohah of his application for the election. then mr brown poke fun of the incident by the anology of bak chor mee seller and the customer.

bak chor mee story spread like wildfire among us. to stop the ball rolling becomes bigger, lee shien long decides to put a stop among this.

(actually lsl has the habit of subtly 'tick off' something he doesn't like, especially in the national rally, past cases like to jack neo's political film like 'i not stupid', and phua chu kang singlish) it only works on phua chu kang as he speaks perfect english after that. (if i were the producers, i would just stop PCK because PCK shouldn't speak perfect english in the 1st place!!)

so now lsl is trying his luck to tell netizen mr brown to stop all the nonsense. and again, this time he wants to do it on 'live' national tv on national rally. and the following becomes a classic:-

"You put out a funny podcast. You talk about bak chor mee. I will say mee siam mai hum".

ppl were scratching their head? mee siam got hum(cockles)?actually, he intended to say 'mai hiam' which means 'mee siam without chilli sauce'
though he speaks with a smile, the underlying message is very stern, it means, don't exaggerate, don't spice up the news. imagine if you were an ordinary netizen and a head of state is telling you off on national tv. if you were me brown, would you feel intimidated?

somemore, if lsl had successfully(thank god he didn't) pronounce it as 'hiam' not 'hum', i think his ardent followers will deliberately laugh out loud. if you were mr brown, would you felt intimidated, in front of tv?

i wouldn't want to delve too much why the funnily crafted anology of 'mee siam mai hiam' gone wrong, ppl say because maybe pm himself never eat this humble food before, or he is too 'atas' to become close to us who could speak dialects etc etc.

i would like to emphasize the action of the ruling govt leader is wrong. it's like using a chopper to cut a tofu. is lsl act on national tv the only example of 'using a hammer to break an egg'?

could anyone think of any past examples of the hard tactic use on ordinary singaporeans who would like to think otherwise?

has the president of usa, george bush, 'tick off' (favourite word use by the govt,meaning to tell off) a netizen, or a naughty ordinary u.s citizen in the union of state rally? i don't think so, maybe to osama, yes. has the pm of japan, uk did that on their national rally? i could bet it, the answer is no.

thank god the word is hum, not hiam coming from his mouth. the hum becomes a boomerang towards him, instead hiam, towards mr brown...

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